Something  About  Me.

I come from a small village in  a place call Boki, in Nigeria.  If you ask most Nigerians about Boki, they would have no idea where it is.  Why? It’s a small tribe that is not well-known.  Even though a lot of food produce in Nigeria come from that area. Enough of  the Boki stuff! I’ll tell you one thing though,  Bokinians are a very loving and caring people. A value I did not understand untill I came to the USA. In Boki you are never alone. Someone would always be there for you at the time of need. Cool! Right? Yea!!! 

As a kid I watched my father help a lot of people. I saw people come into our home everyday. They come in with sad faces, some of them even crying.   When they leave, they look happy. To a kid a sad face means something is wrong, and a happy face means things are alright. If a kid is up you can look at the kid’s face and tell if things are cool or not. I was the kind of kid with an inquirers mind. One day I asked my father why do people always come in here looking sad and leaving happy. My father looked at me with a smile and said son do you really want to know? I said yes father. He ask me to sit down and I did.Then he said,  people know when they come to me with their problems, I find a way to help them solve it. They know I care for them and I’m here for them whenever they need me. I wanted to ask him what kind of problems but changed my mind. Instead I asked him how much money they pay him. He said money, na! I don’t help people for money. Son, one day when you’re grown up you would understand the joy of helping people. Money can not give you that joy. Then like in a slow motion he said son, if you don’t remember any thing I have said to you remember this, always be good to people. Loving and caring for anyone should always be unconditional. Smiling he gave me a hug.  He said a whole lot more I would’ve love to share with you. I want you to know this, today even though my father died in 2007, I remember my father’s words like he just said them to me. I believe those words helped me be the person I am today. A very good loving and caring person.

I migrated to USA 27 plus years ago. Since my stay here I have been blessed in so many ways.  A few examples. I have an 85 years young African-American Father who continue to give me unconditional Love for over 27 years. Coincidentally his love for people is like my diseased fathers.  If it were up to my 2 Dads, peace on earth would be 100% guaranteed. I am also blessed with 3 African-American Mothers who gives me unconditional love too. To mention, I got uncles brothers, sisters, and friends who do the same for me. I have also been blessed with opportunities to do what I consider good this for people. I’ve been able to help a lot of people solve their problems.  Currently I do volunteer work with Children services. Recently a  very good friend surprised me when he said to me, my good man. We’ve been friends  for a very long time. One of the things I like about you since I’ve known you, you are always helping people. How would you like to have a place where people could contact you for advice? To cut a long story short, the result,    The birth of Professor Nyiam Straight Talk.  You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned anything like High School, College and all other school stuff.  Simple! the 4 walls of a class  did not make me who I am today. In fact my diseased Father’s words to me, absorbing life’s university is in part the reason I began helping people.  I am honored with the opportunity to serve you!

As always, you want answers – Let’s Talk!!!


Professor Nyiam

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