Purple Rain- Prince Broke?

I got a phone call from someone who knows I am one of Prince’s biggest fan, asking me if I knew what happened to Prince.  I was like no! Don’t tell me he is dead. I said that cause when Michael Jackson died, he was the first person to call me with the news. He said no he is not dead. I was very relived. He proceeded to tell me about Prince having money issues with an Irish Promoter and owes thousands of dollars in back taxes in Carver County, Minn. I don’t know why the Media is making a big deal out of this. If he wasn’t Prince would the Media blow it out of proportion as the have done? I don’t think so. People all over the world owe millions of dollars, Governments owes billions, every body owes. Why does the Media think we should know who owes who? Do you think people owing people is news worthy? Let me know what you think!


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