Dr Phil is Absolutely Wrong!

I disagree with Dr. Phil.

I think this lady has the right to direct her 3-year-old daughter’s live any way she see fit.  Where would you find a 3,4,5 or even 6 to 7-year-old kid in charge of his or her life?  Kids need directions.  What this lady is doing for her kid, personally I think is very

commendable. Especially today where a lot of kids are abused, abandoned, or even put in foster homes. Not to mention some killed. According to Dr.Phil, this lady who works two jobs has spent more than $7,000 on photographers, stylists and pageant fees for her daughter. If her goal is to make her daughter a Star, heads up to her. I don’t think being a Hollywood casting director qualifies anyone to say what kid could or couldn’t be a star. To me her daughter is already a Star! No one knows this kid more than her mother. If you know kids, when you look a this kids videos, you could tell she wasn’t forced to perform. She was actually having fun. Remember a youngster called Lebron James?


The public did not approve  his mother  doing what she felt at the time was best for her Son. Why won’t she let him go to college? Why is she pushing him to  Pro Basket Ball? Why, why, why? If it were for the public, at that time, I don’t think we would have this Super Star today. There’s nothing wrong with parents dreaming of making  their kids Superstars. Ms Tamiko, I am proud of you. You are quite a Lady.

DON’T LET ANY ONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS! My opinion says Dr. Phil is wrong. What do you think?


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